We are the premier website provider for the equestrian industry, UK based but operating World-Wide.

At Equestrian Websites although we specialise in providing websites for equestrian enterprises, we also provide the same services, trading as BD Sites (Business Directory Sites), to non-equestrian clients. Our non equestrian clients include, amongst many others, retail, service & ecommerce outlets, car dealers, industrial and manufacturing companies, hotels and holiday accommodation, employment agencies, a computer consulting company etc.

Our core equestrian business started with Welsh Ponies & Cobs but we have diversified into many other equestrian breeds and activities.

We provide a complete  internet service - domain name registration, website design, updating and optimisation, ecommerce, virtual hosting on our own servers, search engine optimisation all backed up by superb customer support. We also supply computer hardware and software at realistic prices.

We have a system status website hosted independently of our own systems, so that even if all of our systems went down at the same time our customers would still be able to see status reports. Please click HERE to see the current system status.